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ESPN (originally an initialism for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) is an American multinational basic cable sports channel owned by ESPN Inc., owned jointly by The Walt Disney Company (80%) and Hearst Communications (20%). The company was founded in 1979 by Bill Rasmussen along with his son Scott Rasmussen and Ed Egan.

Roger, an unsatisfied customer speaks his mind, "ESPN has a serious problem when it comes to pushing politics in their programming. Not only do people not want to hear it, but they also push political views that only the uninformed and the fringe would accept, and they try to make it seem like it's the norm. They're really looking to start a huge row with their viewers when the sports seasons resume and I just don't know why they're going to do that, especially when they know better. Maybe it's time to get rid of the Ivy League leftists and find people who want to talk about sports, that's just a thought. It seems like a lot of their reporters are bitter about not getting a job with regular news media outlets and are using ESPN to audition for those positions. It's getting nutty now."


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Multi-Media Sales Executive (Former Employee) says

"If your a sports geek you will do anything to work here and put up w it to say you work here. If your in the right group you may love it..............."

Dishwasher (Former Employee) says

"They ask you to do to much for what they pay you and when u ask for a raise they won’t give you. Other then that I like the environment, like how the job flows"

Server /GT (Former Employee) says

"Work day was long frustrating hard work never got complemented for anything that we did was always persecuted for stuff we tried to do Breaks got cut short hour got drag longer and longer as they needed Cons: Short breaks"

Radio Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"if I would have known before hand of the number of companies which were off limits to sell to, I would have never even accepted the job. They were tighter than a snare drum, and didn't even provide any kind of car allowance, even though it was %100 commission."

Software Engineer In Test (Current Employee) says

"Out of touch managers with workers. Do not work here. It has been a nightmare since day one. I finally had the courage to leave."

Executive Assistant 1 (Current Employee) says

"The company strives to design new programs for its employees, the landscaping makes it such a wonderful place to walk and take some fresh air."

Associate Administrator (Former Employee) says

"24/7 expected working/on call. Treated in a demeaning way."

studio production (Former Employee) says

"Working at ESPN was like going on a super cool vacation, but getting poison ivy... at first, it's so awesome that you can ignore the nagging discomfort of the developing rash... eventually,the rash has spread to the point that it's unbearable, so vacation turns into living hell. Cons: My department was run by misogynistic bullies, HR once told me my MS in Journalism was irrelevant b/c ESPN was founded by high school grads"

Producer (Former Employee) says

"Awful mood every day at ESPN. Really caustic environment. Management took care of themselves without concern for those who actually do the work in Bristol. Cons: People - management"

Operator (Current Employee) says

"Horrible company and very sexist...only beneficial for men...if you don’t have kids they highly discriminate against you and will hold it against you schedule wise making you work all holiday/nights and weekend even if you are employed here for over 5 years. Meanwhile ppl with kids get the luxury of having nights and weekends off and just about any holiday with last minutes notice which is not allowed for those who don’t have kids since there is an actual policy in place where time off request must be submitted at least 4-6 weeks in advance....this company lacks promotions and has no real direction from lower and upper management...also you nearly have to beg management for your two off days otherwise they force you to work 6th days a week, which always consist of a schedule that requires you to come in during inconvenient hours. so basically you can’t even enjoy your days off that you already worked hard for 5 days out of the week."

Staff Accountant (Former Employee) says

"The company is a good place to work if you don't plan on advancing in your career. They make it hard to move up and are not a place to put your future trust in. Hard to get into because of lack of information given by the private company. Cons: short breaks, and no ticket perks."

Editor de video (Former Employee) says

"Fue una maña experiencia por el jefe que se encuenta acargo del area de edición, tu lugar nunca es seguro a menos que le caigas bien al jefe"

Senior Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Do not want to. I have worked at this company for 21 years and the last 6 years have been awful experience. I would not recommend this company to anyone Cons: environment and management awful"

Transmission Specialist (Former Employee) says

"it`s not what you think it is!!"

Product Manager (Current Employee) says

"Recent management is bringing in their venture capital buddies and has lost focus on talent, skill, and process. Cons: good old boy network. If you're not a millenial male, run like your life depends on it."

HVAC Mechanic (Former Employee) says

"I would have still been working at ESPN if not for new manager who promoted and compensated his friends and family members instead of the hard workers, everyone under him is miserable and looking at job opportunities elsewhere Cons: Management only rewards friends and family members"

Technology Manager (Former Employee) says

"ESPN has changed but not in a positive way. They need to look to the future of the industry and make improvements."

Financial Analyst/Planner (Former Employee) says

"Fun place to work, interesting work on a daily basis. Office location is a bit challenging."


"ESPN (A Disney Company) was very bias. They are quick to write up people and fire people for no reason, they love to set people up in negative ways. They are quick to fire people for no reason. Cons: They black list people"

Competitions Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"This is not a career but a fun temporary job that allows those who want to be outside and involved in sports a chance to network and meet new people. Great opportunity to network."

Former Employee - Production says

"I worked at ESPN full-time Cons: Poor management, gender discrimination, low pay."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ESPN full-time Cons: Where shall I start first off there is not really a work and life balance at this company unless you are working normal hours. Location- this is in the middle of no where they try to sell it to you only 2 hrs from NYC and Boston. But really who's going to do that every weekend? Seniority/Favoritism they will get the best projects and hours and will hardly work a holiday, many people have been there for 10+ years. It is hard to ask for time off because of the senority they will always ask for the summer and the holidays off and you have to ask for your time a year in advance to lock whatever you might think you want. Scheduling- plenty of short turnarounds and long days, you will burn out pretty quickly. Diversity- they don't have that much in important roles those that are the movers and shakers. Its still very much a boys club. Women and people of color are not that represented and they need to be more progressive and up with the times. There are many walks of life on this world and we need to embrace this. Even though Disney is the parent company and harp on diversity this and diversity that- you just don't see it at all in the important roles. Plus you are not treated with that respect either, HR will not do anything about it so it doesn't help with going there cause everyone looks out for each other and it shouldn't be that way. Stuck on how they have always done things- this comes from many of years of the same people in management and they seem to carry this way of thinking year after year. Just because someone has been there for 15 years or more doesn’t qualify them to be in management. Many of these managers don’t even know how to relate or speak to their employees. I thought I was going to work with the best of the best in the industry and this is definitely not the case. Many of these management folks are from an inner circle of the good old boys club and want to keep it this way, anyone else is viewed as an outsider no matter what experience you might have. Totally disappointed if you ask me."

Current Employee - Associate Editor says

"I have been working at ESPN part-time for more than 3 years Cons: Layoffs unannounced, little to no opportunity for raises/promotions, opaque communication from executives, unclear goals and priorities, general disregard for employees’ well-being, infighting among executives leading to tension in lower ranks, refusal to empower workers, no collective bargaining, decision-makers overly beholden to shareholders"

Former Employee - Product Manager says

"I worked at ESPN full-time for more than a year Cons: Technology professionals needn’t apply. The expression out of the frying pan and into the fire comes to mind. Promises of ownership and career growth are quickly dashed aside by reality: ESPN as a digital technology group is reeling with uncertainty and chaos due to weak leadership. Having worked in a multitude of large scale technology groups, the people in charge of tech should not be. Your contributions are not contextualized and therefore not understood and often undervalued. Communication is an afterthought. There is no transparency into prioritization because a select decides for the whole. I’m not inferring at an initiative level: that would be normal for executives to create a common set of goals for the rank and files of the technology group. However, there is rarely talk of company-wide initiatives and alignment. Instead, senior leadership will micromanage engineering and design priorities to an excruciating extent to further their own, often unknown agendas to the detriment of the user experience. Priorities will shift without regard to the original strategy or effort that went into building them. Occasionally, this is inevitable, but the constant churn inside the walls of the ‘Worldwide leader in Sports’ is all but the symptoms of a healthy organization. Customer insights are rarely taken into account when designing and build product. It is usually the highest paid opinion. If you really don’t care about what you do, and just want a paycheck, then maybe ESPN is for you. The current leadership is stagnant and trying to compensate by throwing money at top tier talent from other companies. But then you enter a tech culture of ‘do as I say or else’. There is no respect for the intellectual process behind building customer-focused product and design driven thinking. You will be dominated and pestered 24/7/365 because the incompetent tech leadership is constantly seeking approval from leadership on the TV side. This is their priority and everything you’ll do flows from their desire to impress their counterparts. It's become ‘good ole boys’ telling real professionals how to behave, act, and work - and it's a complete joke. Work/life balance is atrocious because people are not the priority. You are only valuable insofar as you make your VP look good. The TV culture is very much alive in the technology group, and it does not fit. Mealtimes are filled with complaints and the turnover rate is alarming. If you ever talk to someone who worked at ESPN tech, the response says it all – I have never met anyone who wasn’t glad to get out. If you have any hard skills, take them to a company that will empower you and cultivate your career. This is nonexistent at ESPN. ESPN is living in a time bubble where they still think they're the greatest place and it’s such a privilege to just be there - but the reality they're more like that washed up 50-year old at your high school reunion who still think they're prom queen/king. Do you really want to work for that? The reality is frightening if you have a point of reference. The 'good times' ended in 2015 and now indefinite are the times of endless politicizing, layoffs, re-orgs, and confusion. The pay is not competitive considering how expensive Connecticut is. Career growth is simply not a company priority. I have met several great people who have not been promoted in over a decade. Meritocracy is replaced by popularity content."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ESPN full-time for more than a year Cons: When I quit, the 401k matching ESPN had paid me was "forfeited" because I moved my 401k to my personal money manager. I lost thousands of dollars because of that, even though there's no contractual stipulation. They are now trying to reclaim more of my earnings since I left the company. Was asked to ignore a direct violation of company policy by management."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at ESPN full-time for less than a year Cons: This place is a bubble, plain and simple. Bristol sucks. Connecticut sucks. Don't make the mistake and move here, ESPECIALLY if you are under 30. You will be signing your social life away. If you have kids - BE CAREFUL. ESPN knows if you move your family here, you are basically stuck here given the lack of competitive tech jobs in the area. There is no incentive to keep employees happy as a result. Bristol was optimized for TV, not tech, remember. Don’t make the same mistake I did. The tech culture is REALLY toxic now. Since most people have only ever worked here, and this was a peacetime company up until a year or two ago, now it’s become pretty shady and in-personal with a poor work life balance. Be prepared to work 60-80 hrs a week because your engineering leadership can’t manage it’s resources! Managers are also not willing to fend for their subordinates. There is a criminal amount of having no transparency. For example a manager I know of had part of his long serving team laid off and didn’t even acknowledge it with the others until weeks later! Incompetent ESPN-lifer middle/senior management is literally destroying this company. The CTO & most of the VP suite is really old school and don’t have experience in tech - no process, definitely no career development and position growth. If you come here, you'll learn that Disney rewards longevity, not merit or performance so if you want to sell your soul to the Mouse, then this is your place. There is no manager review process, so there is no opportunity to call out the weakness. either. Everyone in tech feels like a number. It’s still an ultra-corporate 1990s boy’s club with a bunch of non-technical old guys who call all of the shots. If you have a new idea or a passion - don’t bother, they don’t care about it. It's all about appeasing the manager above them in the end, there are very few people here who actually care about shipping quality stuff the fans will love. Whoever made the decision to base the technology group in Bristol should be FIRED. There is a very high churn rate here with more leaving than coming in since I started, and that trend is going to continue given no one under 30 wants to sign their life away. ESPN has offices in LA, Charlotte, Seattle, and NYC so there is NO excuse for that decision. I’ve heard cost as an excuse but look at any COL map and see where CT is. Ha. Talented engineers are never going to come here so any hope of ESPN becoming a streaming company is really a far cry. They’ve begun outsourcing more and more even after laying people off so good thing Disney got that tax cut! If you're in tech, don't come here. Find the whichever city tech hub fits your preferences and stay/move there. Don’t relocate to Bristol. Just don’t do it."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ESPN full-time Cons: Just about everything is below-average to unacceptable. No one below VP is empowered to make any decisions or supply any analysis that is contrary to what the highest paid person believes. Expect to get railroaded on any original idea or project you execute, unless of course it is good, then you can expect your superior to take credit for it and pass it along as their own. Company culture is abysmal- no one is nice to each other, no one above you will ever say thank you, every actual worker is underpaid (unless you're a corporate shill who has decided to stick around for long periods of time). The mistreatment and utter apathy towards culture/moral is 1970's level disturbing. Beware of the snake oil salesmen that await around every corner here. No leader has a vision for the future of the company, their department or you, only how to advance their own career and put you down. Lack of transparency and communication on individual projects, company goals and careers is intentionally awful. Keeps the workers from expecting any more than "do your job" status quo. Management can be abrasive which just adds to the toxic environment. The technical workers are expected to take requirements, timelines and deliverables from those who have no technical discipline or skill in that required area then be critiqued and judged by the same who do not understand it. Very few in the tech org actually understand what the people below them do and their is no sign that that is changing at all. If you like your career, happiness and mental well-being, stay away."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ESPN full-time Cons: if you're a republican prepare to be silent or be considered trouble"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at ESPN full-time for more than 10 years Cons: The most discriminatory company I have ever had the displeasure of working for! ESPN discriminates against age, gender, disbalility, race, and political views! The CTO is a vindictive, compulsive liar that uses an enforcer to punish anyone with dissenting opinions from his own."


"I have been working at ESPN Cons: Dead Company that fails to see the shift in media"

Angry says

"If you don't have a TV provider it's absolutely worthless! Rural people with no access to the internet other than their phones are left out as usual unless they have one of the top phone suppliers. ESPN basically controls all NCAA Football bowl games and offers nothing except for a few crumbs for over the air transmission. Pure Garbage!"

Ling Chen says

"The worst app ever"

Paul says

"Garbage, no NFL, no college football. But plenty of obscure NCAA basketball games from teams you have never heard of. Not even worth the extra $1 it costs to complete the disney+ and hulu+ triple bundle. So disappointed."

Donald Osborn says

"This paid app does not allow you to watch live ESPN events, only old events. I don't want to pay for a service that doesn't allow me to watch your channel."

Ashley Fenton says

"Garbage. Absolutely 💯% garbage!!!!!"

andrew blahblah says

"Impossible to cancel. Very frustrating.

Tried website, app store, emailed. AND CALLED. CALLING DIDN'T WORK. While the phone person was kind. I shouldn't have to spend 30 minutes to unsubscribe.

I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to unsubscribe."

Pieter van Ede says

"Gets a 0. Espn is focking bad"

Tamara Gagne says

"The worst app I have ever had the displeasure of using. Each NCAA season for three years now I have subscribed to and tried to watch my local team play on this app. The video feed NEVER loads! No matter what I do. This season I happened to have it as a part of the Disney, Hulu, ESPN bundle and I have repeatedly tried to use it again with no success. Hulu and Disney need to back away from this non working app partnership before they get a bad wrap by being associated"

John Biemeck says

"Terrible! Do not subscribe to this App! If you do so anyway, do not subscribe for a year. They will take your money immediately and you'may find out the service doesn't work on your phone. My efforts to obtain a refund are hopeless, even though I can't watch anything. They make it mpossible to get a refund. They rigged it so I can't even block the charge on PayPal. If you are foolish enough to purchase a subscription, do it for only one month to limit your loss. This is the worst online purchase experience I've ever had! Yes I'm mad and disappointed that ESPN won't refund my money even though I can't watch anything because my phone and internet won't support their system."

Mike Weaver says

"Stop trying to be will succeed in alienating your viewership. Just do sports"

Ed says

"I only give 1 star because I can’t give no stars. ESPN is nothing more than another CNN. Consumers watch ESPN for the sports connection, not the Political Opinion of a bunch of overpaid athletes for which the vast majority of them don’t hold the intelligence of a 5th grader. If you want to get in politics, get out of sports, the two don’t mix and frankly you are just ruining the programming."

Chris Graham says

"They spew leftist views all over every broadcast. I happened to be at the rally in dc. Not for the rally but for work. They claim armed citizens attacked the Capitol building. No one there was armed. In fact the girl shot was unarmed. Oh it was a white girl. There will be no riots because she was actually peacefully protesting. Oh and white. They claim more force was used in Kenosha. Probably because it was against a violent felon. Why are they allowed to blast this for kids to hear and possibly believe. It’s a false narrative"

Nicholas Polaskey says

"ESPN is so biased and just a complete s*** show. I’ve never watched a network that’s so shameful and degrading."

Eric Lloyd says

"You have the worst coverage. Watching the cotton bowl and you guys suck. So many commercials, and so many times you come back from the commercial mid play, or so late you don’t get to hear the final thought on the play being reviewed. Never thought I see worse coverage than fox sports, but you guys have taken the cake. YOU SUCK!!!!"

Michael says

"Sucks nothing good to watch."

peters uvefelt says

"The ESPN App on PS4 is useless.
Literally useless. I have no idea how something can be this bad in 2020. I HAD ESPN+ for UFC but I canceled it due to it being a waste of money because of the utterly useless (apparently for years now, there are the same complaints as this from 2016) ESPN app. I mean useless. It’s JUST a spinning circle, and when it isn’t, the quality is like it’s 1984 NBC Football.
ESPN... maybe less ‘woke’, more ‘work’?"

Robbie Jones says

"Please take Bill Walton out of your broadcast crew. He is to intent on self- promotion and not on basketball. He is impossible to listen to. Please just comment on the game. We are not interested in your philosophy on life."

Consumer says

"Bill Walton makes college basketball unwatchable"

Michael Fansler says

"This app is absolutely pointless. You still can’t get games if they’re out of your market so what’s the point. We live in Big Ten country so we can’t get the ACC network because it’s ESPN on yet you can’t get it on the app either. So what’s the point? Maybe if I watched soccer or UFC it be worth it. ESPN keep going the way you’re headed you’ll be on your way out you are definitely not the worldwide leader in sports anymore."

Gregory Shaw says

"This has to be the worst streaming experience available on the internet. It buffers for more time than it plays. They obviously can't handle the number of users they have, yet they advertise constantly for more. Shame on ESPN!"

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